Rayner’s Gastric Sleeve Story

Gastric Sleeve Before and After

“Gastric sleeve completely changed my life!” Within 8 months, Rayner lost over 100 pounds.

Before sleeve surgery, Rayner had tried nearly everything possible to lose weight. Fad diets and gym sessions would work for a short period of time, but he always found himself regaining any of the weight he had lost: “I felt as though I was constantly battling my obesity.” 

After seeing some of his friends’ weight loss journeys online, he learnt the key to their success was bariatric surgery. Rayner’s extensive research for bariatric clinics across Canada led him to 360 Sleeve.

“The best reviews were for 360 Sleeve so I booked a consultation.”

Rayner loved how compassionate and knowledgeable the entire staff was at 360 Sleeve and, as a chef, was sold on the procedure when he was informed that sleeve surgery wasn’t at all like the restrictive diets he had tried in the past. He loved that gastric sleeve surgery didn’t mean certain foods were completely off limits, but instead the focus was on moderation and developing better eating habits. 

“Now, I look in the mirror and say ‘WOW!’ My body, my skin, my mind…Everything feels better.” 

Before surgery, Rayner was 341 lbs and found his weight had a negative impact on his daily life. “Speaking from experience, when you’re overweight, it can be really depressing buying clothes because nothing fits and you feel like you don’t belong; or going to restaurants because you can feel others judging you while you eat; even traveling because you are too big to fit in the airplane chairs. Now, I look in the mirror and say ‘WOW!’ My body, my skin, my mind…Everything feels better.” 

To Rayner, the best part of having lost over 100 lbs after gastric sleeve is the way his daily life, his mental health and his self confidence have all improved significantly.

“The best part is that now I feel so much more comfortable with myself and I’m happier overall. The only thing I regret is not doing it sooner. I look and feel amazing; I have no regrets.”