Gastric Sleeve Recovery

Welcome to our Gastric Sleeve Recovery page, where we guide you through the post-operative phase of your gastric sleeve journey. We understand that the recovery period plays a crucial role in your long-term success, and our goal is to provide you with the information and support you need during this important phase. In this comprehensive guide, we will address common concerns, offer practical tips, and provide valuable insights to ensure a smooth and successful recovery. From managing pain and adapting to dietary changes to incorporating exercise and maintaining a positive mindset, we are here to assist you every step of the way. Your recovery is a vital part of your weight loss journey, and we are committed to helping you achieve optimal results and embrace a healthier, happier life.

A Glimpse into Gastric Sleeve Recovery

Day 1

You may be released from the clinic after surgery.

1-3 Weeks

Take 1-3 weeks off work, depending on your job.

4-6 Weeks

May resume more vigorous activities after 4-6 weeks.

18 Months

It will take up to 18 months to lose the expected weight.

After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Once the surgery is finished you may think that the toughest part is over, however surgery is just the beginning of the journey you will undergo to a healthier, happier you. During your Gastric Sleeve Recovery, it will be beneficial for you to have as many loving and supporting family members as possible around you before surgery, and the months after surgery. This will help give you the courage and strength to keep an active lifestyle since you will go through many emotional and physical changes. One of the most important things to remember to ensure your sleeve gastrectomy is a success is to understand that surgery is not just a “quick fix”, and you must commit to a complete lifestyle change for the rest of your life.

Directly after surgery, you will need to stay for a few hours at 360 Sleeve. It is important for you to follow your surgeon’s post-op guidelines to ensure you have a speedy gastric sleeve recovery.  For the first week, you will be on a liquid only diet, with restrictions as to what you can and cannot consume. This is why you meet with a dietitian weeks before your surgery in preparation for this phase. The next day you will be discharged and sent home. For the weeks to come, you will be consuming liquid to blended foods, to settle your stomach. Once you reach the 2-month mark you can progress to a regular diet as tolerated with restrictions to portion sizes.

Gastric Sleeve Recovery Timeline

Few hours stay at Clinic 360 for monitoring.

  • Pain: moderate, with IV administration of pain medication
  • Diet: strictly ice chips every couple of hours
  • Activity: short walks every couple of hours

Released from clinic to go home.

  • Pain: a bit more intense, oral prescribed medication to ease pain
  • Diet: clear fluids only
  • Activity: short walks
  • Pain: intense- since you are more active, oral prescribed medication to ease pain
  • Diet: full liquids
  • Activity: longer and more frequent walks, can climb stairs with breaks
  • Pain: very minimal, no medication needed
  • Diet: selected soft & solid foods
  • Activity: low impact aerobic exercise
  • Pain: almost non-existent
  • Diet: solid foods
  • Activity: more rigorous exercise, weights after 6 months
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How long will it take for me to lose weight?

It will take up to 18 months to lose the expected weight. Most patients lose about 60%-70% of their excess weight. You will lose weight rapidly after the first few months and this loss will most likely plateau. This is expected; however, don’t let this discourage you from losing the rest of your weight. Plateauing is just a way of your body getting used to the grand change it has undergone. There are many ways to overcome this such as adding in a new external change to your exercise regime.

Knowledge and preparation of gastric sleeve surgery are two great ways to help you with the success of the procedure and to change your life for the better.

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