Gastric Sleeve Aftercare Program

Our 6-Year Comprehensive Gastric Sleeve Aftercare program
is the key to our patient's long-term weight loss success.

Working in collaboration with our specialty teams, 360 Sleeve provides the longest and most comprehensive Gastric Sleeve Aftercare Program in Canada. Get in touch with us for more information on our care program or to book your free consultation.

Customized 6-Year Aftercare Program

Every patient that schedules their surgical procedure at 360 Sleeve will have access to our 6-year Gastric Sleeve Aftercare Program. Here, each patient is provided individualized, custom care based on their needs and lifestyle. No patient is the same, which is why we believe in the customization of plans and programs for each patient.


One on One Consultations & Follow-ups with Surgeons

At 360 Sleeve, your surgeon tailors your aftercare program to YOUR needs! The 360 Sleeve in-house team will work directly in collaboration with your surgeon to ensure you receive the best possible care!

Pre & Post-Op Dietitian Support

Our in-house dietitian is sure to see you through all stages of your weight loss journey. With the flexibility of over-the-phone or in-person follow-ups, our nutritionists are at your service to ensure you are well educated on your nutritional needs.


FREE Access to Baritastic App

Just because your surgery is finished doesn’t mean your health journey is done! Not only will you have access to in-person tools to keep you on track to achieving your goals, but you will gain free access to the Baritastic App, where you will be able to monitor your progress, goals, and so much more! 360 Sleeve will be able to track your day-to-day progress and help you out when you need a hand!

Complimentary 1 Month Supply of Vitamins

At 360 Sleeve you will have 1 month FREE supply of vitamin supplements and a complimentary care package filled with post-op essentials.