Lap Band to Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Lap Band to Gastric Sleeve

Did you undergo lap band surgery, only to experience little to no success in losing expected weight? About 40% of gastric band patients will either not achieve expected results or experience a complication. However, this doesn’t have to mark the end of your weight loss journey. 360 Sleeve offers gastric band conversion surgery, removing your lap band and performing gastric sleeve surgery in a single operation to better help you achieve your weight loss goal.

About Lap Band to Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Our surgeons, Dr. Irshad and Dr. Kundhal, have advanced experience in revisional bariatric surgery.

The most common revision is removing your laparoscopic gastric band during the same operation as your gastric sleeve. Removal of the band on its own often leads to regaining weight you previously lost, undoing progress.

However, by combining the procedure with a gastric sleeve, you will be better able to keep off the weight you have already lost, while also helping continue your weight loss to help you finally achieve your goal.

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How is Band Conversion Surgery Performed?

If you are curious about band conversion surgery, the first step is booking a consultation with one of our surgeons to evaluate your current situation to ensure that nothing else can be done to achieve your goals. If it is determined your band is not offering proper results, you may be eligible for conversion surgery.

Prior to surgery, you will need an upper endoscopy so our surgeons can get a better understanding of your anatomy. During lap band conversion surgery, the band is removed laparoscopically and is immediately converted to a gastric sleeve. As this is a revision surgery, scar tissue from the previous band may be encountered during the operation, but our experienced surgeons provide the highest standard of safety and care.

Should My Lap Band Be Converted to Gastric Sleeve or Bypass?

Some lap band patients may be considering converting to a gastric bypass instead of gastric sleeve.

Multiple studies have shown that in gastric band patients who underwent conversion to a gastric bypass versus a gastric sleeve, the average percentage of excess body weight loss at 12 months and 24 months were the same.

However, those that opted for the bypass experienced a significantly higher complication rate compared to those with a gastric sleeve. This means lap band to gastric sleeve conversion offers you an excellent weight loss opportunity without the complications associated with gastric bypass.

Learn more about the difference between gastric bypass and gastric sleeve on our blog.

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