Mohammad’s Gastric Sleeve Story

“I'm more confident now. I'm feeling so proud of the results I have. ”

In a world that’s always on the move, sometimes the heaviest weight we carry isn’t just the pounds on the scale, but the burden of health issues that hold us back. Meet Mohammad, a true inspiration and one of our incredible success stories at 360 Sleeve. His journey from battling obesity and obesity-related health problems to shedding a staggering 170 lbs is nothing short of remarkable.

Mohammad’s story began with a struggle familiar to many. He fought tirelessly against excess weight, trying everything from diets to strenuous exercise routines. Even Ozempic, which promised hope, couldn’t budge the scale for him. It was a heartening endeavour, but the desired results remained elusive.

However, Mohammad’s determination was unbreakable. He knew that life had so much more in store for him, and he was ready to take the leap to a healthier future. That’s when he decided to undergo gastric sleeve surgery to transform his life. His goal? To embrace life fully, free from the burden of obesity. With the support of the experienced 360 Sleeve team, Mohammad underwent gastric sleeve surgery that would forever change his life. As the excess weight melted away, so did his obesity-related health issues, including diabetes and sleep apnea. It was as if a new chapter had opened up for him – a chapter filled with vitality and newfound confidence.

The transformation didn’t just stop at the physical level. Mohammad discovered a renewed relationship with food and a more active lifestyle that he hadn’t thought possible before. The weight loss wasn’t just about numbers; it was about reclaiming a life that he could cherish. Through dedication and perseverance, he developed healthier eating habits and exercise routines, embracing each step of his journey to wellness.

Mohammad’s experience with 360 Sleeve was truly transformative. He emphasized how the team’s unwavering support and welcoming atmosphere made all the difference. From the very beginning of his journey, he felt genuinely comfortable and knew he had a dedicated group behind him. This sense of reassurance and assistance played a pivotal role in his success, making his path to a healthier life that much smoother.

Today, Mohammad is living life on his terms, embracing every moment with newfound energy and vitality. He’s doing things he once only dreamt of, revelling in his more active lifestyle and cherishing his healthier relationship with food. Looking back, he has only one regret – that he didn’t choose the path of gastric sleeve surgery sooner.

Mohammad’s journey is a testament to the power of determination, support, and the incredible impact of gastric sleeve surgery. At 360 Sleeve, we’re honored to be a part of his transformative experience and to witness his vibrant journey to a more fulfilling, healthier, and longer life. If you’re seeking a similar change, know that you’re not alone – we’re here to guide you every step of the way.