How Effective is Gastric Sleeve?

Gastric Sleeve is a procedure to aid in obesity management by inducing weight loss. It is a very popular and effective option due to its high success rate, with patients losing 60-70% of their excess weight within 12-18 months after surgery. This calculation is referred to as expected weight loss; you can calculate your estimation once you’ve figured out a few numbers.

Expected Weight Loss

To start calculating your expected weight loss, you’ll need to figure out what your ideal weight is. This can be configured using a calculator like this one which uses your height, gender and age to come up with an appropriate ideal body weight range.

Once you have this number, you can figure out how much excess weight you have to lose. This is done by subtracting your ideal weight from your current weight. You then multiply your excess weight by 0.60 to receive your expected weight loss. Your new weight after surgery is your current weight minus your expected weight loss. You can take a closer look at these equations here.

Long-Term Efficacy

As mentioned, most patients see the majority of their weight loss within the first year and a half following surgery; but how effective is gastric sleeve long-term?

Sleeve gastrectomy can certainly provide long-term weight loss although studies have shown a tendency for some level of weight regain 2 years after surgery. While some weight regain may be possible if you do not maintain the recommended lifestyle changes post-op, another study has concluded that the procedure is effective nearly 6 years post-op, with patients maintaining a loss of nearly 60% of excess body mass index (BMI) and a considerable improvement or remission of comorbidities. 

Gastric Sleeve vs. Fad Diets

Now that we’ve explored the efficacy of gastric sleeve, perhaps you’re wondering about other weight loss methods in comparison.

Fad diets often pique people’s interest as they promise fast weight loss or health improvements. While many people will see initial weight loss with fad dieting, this type of weight loss is often fluid and results in lean muscle loss rather than fat loss. Most fad diets work by restricting specific foods from your diet, which makes it nutritionally unsustainable and can be very difficult to follow long-term. Dieting also relies heavily on mental and habitual changes for weight loss success. This fails to take into consideration that other health aspects could be at play, such as metabolic factors or genetic predispositions. 

Gastric sleeve surgery works by reducing your stomach’s capacity for food while also reducing your appetite. Not only is your new stomach smaller, but the stomach portion removed is also responsible for producing lots of ghrelin, also known as the hunger hormone. As a result, you will eat less and feel full faster, all while being able to wait longer between meals before feeling the need to eat again.  

Statistics show that it is difficult for most people to keep their weight off long-term with just diet and exercise alone. However, when these healthy habits are paired with surgical intervention such as gastric sleeve surgery, patients have a greater chance to keep the weight off. As a result, gastric sleeve patients are more effective at sustained weight loss and thus lead longer and healthier lives.

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